„Mein Freund Teddy Eddy – Wunderbare Vorlesegeschichten“

Teddy Eddy and his friend Kim experience some fun adventures that will make everybody smile. 12 stories to read for kids aged 3 and older. Available in German only.

Author: Ingrid Hofer
Publishing House: G&G Verlag
Publishing Date: 01/2021

„Miles won’t Smile“

Daisy tries to make his little brother smile. But no matter what she tries he just doesn’t want to smile until a dirty diaper changes everything.
Available in Dutch at the moment.

Author: Jackie Azua Kramer
Publishing House: Clavis Publishing
Publishing Date: 01/2021

Mika and the dragonfly

Mika is a bit shy. But then one day she finds a little dragonfly that has lost her wing. Mika tries to help the little creature and unlocks powers she didn’t know she had.
Available in Dutch and English.

Author: Ellen DeLange
Publishing House: Clavis Publishing
Publishing Date: 09/2020