A classic game for kids newly interpreted: 100% natural materials in a 100% sustainable production process with 100% fun for everybody.

Being a mom of 3 I live in a colorful jumble of toys. Whenever we get something new we care about sustainability of the product, an environmentally friendly production as well as materials that do not cause any health issues for our kids. As an illustrator I do have very high expectations in terms of design and appearance of the products. Those are specifications more and more parents have. However, the market can’t offer sufficient supply at the moment. That is why I decided to use my knowledge and experience to develop a kids game that fulfills all the above mentioned requirements.

Unfortunately, the kickstarter campaign to back the financing of the project wasn’t successful. But hey, that doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in this project anymore. I am currently looking for other options to realize my idea. If you want to be updated on the status please subscribe to my newsletter.